Department Of Anatomy

Introduction Of Department

Anatomy is the branch of basic medical sciences which serves as a forte for all medical fields. Anatomy is a part of BDS IST year curriculum with the courses like General Anatomy, Histology, embryology, Regional Anatomy and Neuroanatomy. The department is offering a modern approach to anatomical study which is something beyond the cadavers and in accordance with the recommendations of Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC).

We have a focused approach in exploration of relationships among functional Anatomy and evolutionary biology of human Anatomy. In order to inculcate the anatomical sciences in integrated modular system, we are inclined to adopt new and existing best practices which include problem based learning, small group discussions, and team based learning. In order to polish the psychomotor skills of students, the facility of clinical skill lab is also available.


Stepping forward with the vision of the university, Department of Anatomy will provide high quality teaching and research environment for the anatomical sciences to all the learners as needed.


  • By maintaining expertise and provide instructions of Human Anatomy in the Problem Based Learning Curriculum to the students and professionals as is appropriate.
  • By supporting the research mission of the university while encouraging it as the main proportionate of the basic pedagogy.
  • By capacitating the national and international efforts to increase anatomical knowledge that ultimately may contribute in discovering new horizons.


Name Designation Qualification Email
Dr. Anber Saleem Associate Professor
Chairperson of Department
FCPS (Anatomy), MBBS(UHS)