Department Of Oral Medicine

Clinical & Laboratory and Facilities

The Department is equipped with 10 dental chairs and units patients care.

The activities of the Department of Periodontics can broadly grouped as “Patients’ Care” and “Educational, Research & Developmental” activities.


As part of a public university, we will produce an oral health care provider with a holistic public health approach to health care and management of patients with oral diagnosis &medicine. We are committed to provide contemporary, comprehensive and compassionate dental care to the members of our surrounding community and conduct cutting-edge research to advance our discipline’s professional knowledge base.


To educate and train 3rd year dental students a basic understanding of oral diagnosis and treatment planning and practical training necessary to provide patients with basic dental care.


We are committed to reach the following goals:

  1. To enable the students to demonstrate professional behavior and critical thinking based on sound scientific foundation and lifelong learning.
  2. Competence at the basic theoretical & clinical skills leading to understanding of diagnosis and treatment planning of oral diseases.
  3. Competence to provide high quality patient service and a wide spectrum of dental care by our undergraduate and graduate students, and by our faculty staff.
  4. Graduates to be more familiar with the idea of designing & performing the basic & clinical research in oral medicine.
  5. To provide opportunity to graduates participate in national & international research competitions.
  6. To make collaborative research activities at national & international levels, and publish data in high impact journals.


The Department of oral medicine plays a significant role in contributing to and overseeing the development of dental students in the following areas:

  1. Graduates must be competent in patient assessment and diagnosis.
  2. Graduates must be competent in comprehensive treatment planning and assessment of treatment outcomes.
  3. Graduates must be competent in the management of patients requiring basic & advanced procedures in oral medicine.
  4. High standards of patient care and service.


Name Designation Qualification Email
Dr. Yasir Dilshad Siddiqui Associate Professor
Head of Department
BDS, MSc (Malaysia), PhD (Japan)