Department Of Sciences of Dental Materials

Introduction Of Department

The Dental Material Sciences Department is basically established to provide education and clinical training to students of BDS Proramme, Postgraduate trainees, Dental House Officers and students of Dental Technology. These educational and training facilities availed by local students will save a substantial amount of money that would have been otherwise spent on the educational and training of students elsewhere. It is to mention that the kind of educational and training facilities we provide in the department of basic dental material sciences department are very expensive to pursue in institutions abroad.

Training of students in the specialty of basic dental material sciences is facilitated through lectures, one-one-one and group discussion, chair-side teaching, clinical teaching sessions, laboratory technology sessions, Clinical case reporting, clinical audit meeting, clinic-pathological conferences / seminars and journal club meetings.

Group and individual tutoring, mentoring and counseling session are also used as methods of imparting desirable knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the practice of Basic dental material sciences department in particular and for the practice of dentistry in general.


Delivering dental education oriented towards excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate research. This would help us towards integrating the various disciplines of medicine and dentistry which would in turn benefit the community by their own productivity because the Department of Dental Materials encompasses the specialties of Conservative Dentistry, Fixed Basic dental material sciences department, Endodontics and Dental Material Sciences.


To enhance the activity of dental students, who possess the required values and aptitude, with core material knowledge and aligned the practical skill which covers the chemical, physical and biological properties of dental materials those are clinically relevant to the practice of general dentistry. Biocompatibility of materials needs to be dealt in terms of the clinical implementation and the availability according to the requirement of the community.

Aims & Objectives

The aims of our mission can be achieved by:  

  1. An organizational structure that will utterly facilitate in achieving the departmental goals.
  2. Excellence in developing the educational programs that provides a high standard of clinical training for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  3. Highly innovative research that will have a remarkable impact on developing dental sciences.
  4. Motivating and improving skills of the graduates and the general practitioners.
  5. Bringing recognition to the high academic standards of the department at both regional and international levels.
  6. Becoming a trusted academic and clinical oral health center of caring complex restorative problems.
  7. To enable the students to demonstrate Professional behavior and critical thinking based on sound scientific foundation and lifelong learning.
  8. To come up with research publications in high impact factor journals.


The Department of Dental Material Sciences Basic dental material sciences department plays a significant role in contributing to and overseeing the development of dental students in the following areas:

  1. Graduates must be competent in patient assessment and diagnosis.
  2. Graduates must be competent in comprehensive treatment planning and assessment of treatment outcomes.
  3. Graduates must be competent in the utilization of different dental materials while managing the patients requiring different dental treatments.
  4. Distinction of its academic programs.
  5. High standards of patient care and service.


Name Designation Qualification Email
Prof. Dr. Shahab Ud Din Professor
Head of Department
PhD (Dental Materials), MSC, BDS
Dr. Afsheen Mansoor Assistant Professor M.Phil, BDS

Clinical & Laboratory Utilized Dental Materials

Dental materials play an integral role in dentistry. Besides use in the oral cavity many materials are also used in the laboratory to aid in the fabrication of appliances or prostheses. Dentistry over the years has evolved into a highly complex field and materials play a crucial role in every aspect of treatment.

Dental Material Sciences Lab

Dental materials in our dental material sciences lab are classified into:

  1. Preventive materials include pit and fissure sealants and other materials used to prevent the onset of dental diseases.
  2. Restorative materials include materials used to repair or replace tooth structure. This includes materials like amalgam, composites, ceramics, cast metal structures and denture materials.
  3. Auxiliary materials are substances that aid in the fabrication process but do not actually become part of the restoration, appliance or prosthesis. This includes materials like gypsum products, impression materials, casting investments, waxes, etching gels, custom tray materials, etc.