Department Of Oral Pathology


The complex anatomy of head and neck area especially the oral cavity and surrounding paraoral structures are prone to multiple pathological conditions and lesions. The subject encompasses all these diseases including anomalies, inflammatory, infectious, immunological and cancers.


The vision of the department is to continue serving the medical profession and the community by providing the undergraduate and the graduate candidates with the latest and progressive knowledge, techniques, skills and research environment for the scientific advancement and progression.


The mission of the Oral Pathology department is to equip young graduates and post graduates with the necessary knowledge of diseases of head and neck. Pursue continuously evolving knowledge and research pertaining to diseases of head and neck area. The prime focus will be on establishing diagnostic oral histopathology department. Research focus is on tumor biomarker, tumor immunology, tumor biology, immunological and infectious diseases through independent and collaborative research opportunities.


Name Designation Qualification Email
Dr. Hasan Mujtaba Assistant Professor PhD, M.Phil